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SB Token

Information: Token: SB

Group Ticker: SB Blockchain

Network: CW-20 và BEP-20

Token Supply: 100,000,000

Project Valuation: $15 million.

Price increase possibility

SB token is utilized not just in the DragonSB but also in numerous other SB Group products. In other words, SB token has a wide range of applications; hence the demand for tokens will expand. Thus, the overall supply of tokens remains the same while the number of individuals desiring to hold SB increases, resulting in strong upside potential for SB.

Additionally, the SB group will burn and buy back 70% of its gains, driving the price of the SB tokens to increase.

SB group also has a massive "Buy and Burn" campaign in which 2 million dollars will be used to buy free SB on exchanges and burn them to create scarcity, prevent SB inflation and offer an opportunity for its price to rise.

SB Token Utilities

In-game currency: With SB - the primary currency in Play-to-earn DragonSB - players can acquire the majority of in-game products.

Staking and Farming: SBswap allows users to use SB for staking and farming to boost their revenue.

Trading: SB Tokens are used to buy, sell, and trade on exchanges such as and PancakeSwap.

Earn: The user obtains SB tokens for performing tasks on Stretch-To-Earn or playing DragonSB.

Burn: SB Group will utilize 70% of its revenue to buy back SB Tokens and burn it.

Token Distribution

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